Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sons and Daughters of God

From June 30:

Hello friends and family!
Just on update on what is happening in Good Ol' Mountain Home, Idaho, but I can't even tell you of 5% of them. It would take too long, so here are just a couple of cool things :)
   We have had great lessons with Thomas Wildman about the Commandments and the Plan of.  As you know he is a Marine Corps Veteran which is due to an incendiary land mine that incinerated his leg. Well, he has struggled for years with blood clots and pain but this week he got accepted for a special procedure which will cure both discoloration and pain! Yeah! He is still getting ready for Baptism on the 15th of July.
   Update on Jennifer Sizemore! For the first three months she kept saying things like "Now you know I have no interest in becoming Mormon" or "Well, I am Baptist through and through" etc. I was like "Hey you know I don't care if you convert, I just care if you come closer to God and Jesus Christ!" About a month ago we introduced her to Sister Stuart who has a 13 year old autistic son, has been divorced a couple of times due to abuse and moved to Mountain Home about two months ago. Since then Jennifer has progressed exponentially. Last week she got the courage to come to church! She stayed with Solon in primary and loved it. This week she came to our Gospel Principles where we talked about Priesthood Authority. We watched an Elder Dallin H. Oaks’ talk, "The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood". I saw Jennifer's eyes locked onto the TV very intently the whole time. After church Jennifer told Sis. Stuart, "That talk compelled me to be converted."  WOAH! I always thought it would take a miracle for Jennifer to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. :) She is beginning to feel God's love for her and truly finding out that she is a Daughter of God :) Once we come to the conclusion that we are Sons and Daughters of God, we can feel His love and know what we need to do in our life. It fills us with complete joy! It is awesome to be able to help people come closer to their God and Savior each day :)
  We have been sharing one scripture a lot this week. Mosiah 2:41. Read it! We all should consider why we keep the commandments and why Heavenly Father wants to bless us :) We are all His Sons and Daughters!

-Ethan Howard

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