Saturday, July 19, 2014

Opening Doors to Conversion

From June 23:

Hello, Hello! This week in the great city of Mountain Home Elder Rosales (Brosales) and I shared the Gospel with a bunch of people!!

We met Rachelle Kassner (18), a young single mother and her friend, Frankie (16). We had an awesome conversation about who our Heavenly Father is and why having a relationship with Him is important.  It was awesome to see their thoughts about our Heavenly Father change from our short meeting. With Rachelle being a new mother, her views on life have changed, new responsibility brings new perspective.
We met Jack, a Vietnam and Gulf War veteran who LOVES riding motorcycles and grew up in Michigan. We talked a lot about the Restoration over an amazing dinner of Lobster and Steak! :) He is kind of a crazy old guy, but he is searching for the truth! At one point in the evening he grabbed my hand, looked me straight in the eye and said, "Save me, man. I feel empty inside. Save me." I replied, "I can't save you, Jack, but Christ can." I felt the spirit explode out of me. We invited him to the read the Book of Mormon and PRAY about it.  We will see him again tomorrow.
More news; Thomas Wildman, the Ex-marine is getting baptized July 15th by his father in law! He has an amazing heart, is reading the Book of Mormon, and knows the church and the gospel are true! Jennifer Sizemore finally got the courage to come to church this week! We are having Family Home Evening with her and the Stuart family tonight. Slowly but surely Jennifer is letting Christ into her heart :)

More and More amazing experiences happen every week.  My testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel is deepening. Today we are playing Volleyball with the youth.  Wish I could write more, but we took a little too long cleaning our house today!  Oops. See ya!

-Elder Ethan Howard

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