Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Enthusiasm From Ethan

Ethan asked if I would share an update on the Dobson family that he wrote in an email to me.  I decided to include a bit more as well because I love his enthusiasm!  And I can't wait to visit with him on Christmas!
A happy missionary mom,
". . . Missionary work is fun and super gratifying, right?? I do love it. I can't even explain how much I do. I just love meeting new people and getting to know a lot of people! . . .
". . .The Dobsons are doing great! All of them were at church yesterday, we sat with them. The first time we went over there we couldn't see the floor it was so dirty but apparently when Lucas Dobson met with the bishop he told him "A Clean House invites the spirit" so as a family the cleaned the whole thing and WOW what a difference it made! They all get along better and are just happier with their living situation. Hopefully Lucas can work towards quitting smoking and then they can work towards going to the temple :) It's been Lisa Dobson's goal for a long time and now Lucas is working towards it too! I am SO, SO, SO Happy for them! 
(OH, if you haven't already sent my big email can you put this in there?)
"We will be in Twin Falls a lot this week. We are leaving tomorrow at 4 and getting back Wednesday at 9pm. Then, we leave Friday at 9am, have a mission Christmas party and will get back Saturday at noon. 20 hours of driving the next 5 days. Now I am grateful to have experienced those long drives to Utah and back. 
"Can't wait to video Google party it up on Christmas! :) It'll be so fun to talk to you guys. Well, we are off to practice a song we are performing in River Ward next week!
"I am so sad Elder Te’o is leaving. Hopefully my new companion is half as fun as he is. . .  .
"Love your son,
Elder Ethan Howard"

The Gospel Brings Happiness!

This week has had a lot of ups and downs. I never knew life could be such a roller coaster! But I love Salmon Idaho more and more every day. The people are so down to earth and pleasant. My sister, Taleah, wrote, "I was talking with grandma Howard this week and we both agreed that it sounds like you are having the time of your life on your mission, and that your happiness and enthusiasm is helping you bring the Spirit into others' lives" It is so true! Well at least the part that I am having the time of my life! I only hope I can bring the happiness of the gospel unto all the wonderful people I meet every day. 
     Last week we got a call asking if we could give a priesthood blessing. The man lived 35 miles away up in the mountains. We made the long trek up there in our van almost sliding off the mountain a couple times because of the snow, but we eventually got there. Lance Ingwerson was laying on the ground. Sister Cockrell explained that Lance is a chiropractor who had a bad accident a couple years ago. With chiropractic work he regained full strength in his back. Recently his belly button herniated, so he hasn't been able to do the chiropractic work on his back. He was having surgery the next day, but was in so much pain he couldn't eat, sleep or get comfortable. Sister Cockrell asked if he wanted a Priesthood blessing from us missionaries. He is not a member of the church but said, "Sure, they are men of God so I know they can help." I had the great opportunity to give the blessing. I don't even remember what came out of my mouth honestly, but we both felt the presence of the Holy Ghost. We were there for maybe fifteen minutes and that's it! On Wednesday we got a call from Sister Cockrell telling us that the surgery went perfectly and Lance was home recovering. He got a good night’s sleep before the surgery! He told Sister Cockrell that we could come to his house whenever we wanted and maybe start teaching him about the gospel! We are going in a couple hours, so I'll tell you how it goes!  It was an amazing experience and I know it was guided by God. 
     We had another Christmas party! This one was WAY FUN! They had a nice formal dinner and then the real party started with musical chairs, dancing, limbo and a play put on by the little primary kids of the birth Christ. It was super fun and a lot of people were there -members of the church, non-members, and people who haven't been to church in years. 
   Update on Samantha Ladd: Her baptism was scheduled for Saturday but she had a little slip up with smoking a couple nights ago. I know her heart is in the right place and that she definitely knows the church is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this church has the restored gospel and priesthood.  Smoking is just hard to get over. DON'T START IN THE FIRST PLACE!! I know she will get to baptism! Her baptism will probably get pushed back a couple of weeks, a New Year's baptism! But something pretty awesome, Samantha asked me if I could be the one to baptize her :) Boy, I feel honored! I will be blessed to be able to be a conduit to her making a covenant with her Heavenly Father to take upon the name of Christ and follow His example.
    Well, Transfers are this week on Wednesday! Sadly Elder Te'o is leaving Salmon 5 weeks after he got here. He is becoming a Zone Leader in Rupert, ID. I am blessed enough to be staying here and train a brand new missionary! I'll tell you all about him next week! Toodle-oo and have a nice week. Happy Holidays!! 

-Elder Ethan Howard (

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cold Week!

     Boy, this week has been cold, -12 on average for 3 days!  It doesn't feel that cold. I finally realize the difference about dry cold and humid cold. Minnesota feels much colder than Idaho!  With the cold, I am glad we have our awesome van, nicknamed "Natasha" after the Marvel S.H.E.I.L.D agent "Black Widow" :D  Yah, if you couldn't tell - I LOVE super heroes!
     We spent most of this week working with the less active members of the church to uplift them in the Christmas season. Thursday night we split up to each go with a member of the High Priest Group from the River Ward.  We visited four families to share a spiritual message and ask what we can do to help, gave Lucas Dobbson a priesthood blessing to overcome his sickness, set up a visit to administer the sacrament for a family and bless a home! Working with members who live in the area brings so much success and warm feelings in the community :)
     A couple weeks ago while hunting, Joe Miller fell down a mountain breaking his neck, pelvis and femur. Saturday there was a successful Silent Auction for him at Nelson Angus Ranch. WOW oh WOW the whole town was there! I bet too high for an item I didn't want and won, but hey! It’s for a good cause. I'll send it to my brother for Christmas! Ha. Ha.  Joe is an active member of the church who has two brothers in town. James Miller and family are members but haven't been to church in 5 years. We have been working with them for about two months now.  Jack Miller is not a member of the church, but his wife is. We have just started teaching Jack the gospel!!
     Well the peak of the week was Sunday! Turns out all the families we visited on Thursday night came to church! These families came simply because we visited them with active church members who showed them love. :) IT WORKS PEOPLE! Christ like love changes and lightens people’s lives. I urge you all to show Christ like love to your friends and neighbors especially this Christmas season. Call the missionaries to come with you for a friendly, uplifting visit to people you care about.  Lucas Dobbson, the one we gave the blessing, got better the next day! He honestly looked like death on Thursday. His wife and son got sick, so we went over after church to give both of them a blessing.  At the Silcock's for dinner, we had baked potatoes, Elk tenderloin steaks, baked mustard glazed Steelhead trout and Steelhead trout poppers. Can you say best meal EVER?! Brother Silcock is a master chef, hunter and fisherman and plays the guitar! All 3 of us took turns playing and singing :)  
     To end this wonderful day, we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with Samantha Ladd, her son Dylan and the Taylor family. WOW the devotional filled me with joy!  As the Prophet, spoke, my heart was filled with the spirit. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was amazing!  Afterwards we read in the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 7, about the Atonement of Christ. It is one of my absolute favorite chapters! Sam said, "I have searched all my life to fill this empty void in my heart and through this gospel it is finally filled. I have never felt so much peace and happiness in my life. I am finally ready to be baptized . . .” WOW the spirit was so strong my heart was ready to burst out of my chest! I couldn't stop smiling because of the joy and happiness I saw in Samantha Ladd :) It really strengthened my testimony of the love of God and the peace and joy that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ and using His atonement for a remission of our sins. I am incredibly blessed to be here in Salmon, Idaho sharing with people the joy of the gospel :) 

Love and God bless you all this Christmas Season, 
            -Elder Ethan Howard (

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Mail

Hi All,
This is Ethan's mom writing.  I just wanted to let everyone know that mission transfers will happen on December 18th which means Ethan might stay in Salmon, Idaho or he might get sent to a new area, but we won't find out until December 23rd when Ethan writes to us.  So, if you are planning to send mail to Ethan for Christmas, send it to the mission office to arrive before December 20th - the day of the mission Christmas party for all the missionaries in the Idaho Twin Falls Mission.  Mail will be distributed to the missionaries at the party.  The address is:

Elder Ethan Howard
Idaho Twin Falls Mission
421 Maurice Street N.
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Thank you for supporting Ethan as he serves the Lord by bringing the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in Idaho.  May your heart be filled with joy this holiday season.

Merry Christmas,
Lisa Howard

Monday, December 2, 2013


Thanksgiving was good! We played in the Turkey Bowl football game. I was wearing my Captain America sweatshirt and SHREDDING it up! First play I caught an interception and ran it back for a touchdown. The next time we had possession, I jumped over everyone and caught a one handed touchdown pass. I switched to Quarter-back and threw two touchdown passes, threading the needle! It was super fun! The Captain America sweatshirt made me have super human football powers :)
We had two BIG thanksgiving meals. We went to the Bingham’s, Michelle and Jim, Hailee (16), JoDee (14) and Hunter (10), for our first dinner at about 2pm. I ate two full plates and four pieces of pie!  Ha ha. They own a Care Center just down the mountain from us. They are SUPER AWESOME!!  We stop at their house just about every night on the way home. They love love love missionaries!
Then we went to the Hubb's, who lived in Northern California for about 50 years and have been in Salmon for the last 20 years. We are teaching their grand-daughters, Shyanne (15) and Cierra (13), about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whenever we are there they always thank us for keeping their household filled with the Spirit even though they continuously fight and bicker with each other. This time I only had one full plate and two pieces of pie with ice cream. :)
BIG NEWS everyone! I am officially 6'6" and 200 lbs! But I still don't have a big belly which is good! My shoulders have filled out for sure.
We had a Zone Conference on Friday down in Arco. The mission president, President Curtis, was there! I had a great interview with him. He is amazing! Super sweet and down to earth. We are blessed to have such a great man as our mission president. We watched a movie as a Zone called, "Ephraim's Rescue". If you all haven't watched the movies, "17 Miracles" and "Ephraim's Rescue," you need to!! The stories of the early pioneers are simply amazing! They really make me grateful for all the technology and easy lives we live. I am super blessed to be here in Salmon and hope to stay here for a lengthy period of time. The Lord's Work is Hastening! 
Christmas Season is upon us!! This season is so joyful because of our Savior's birth :) I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy this Christmas season.

Love, Elder Ethan Howard (

More About The WOUND!

A member loaded this video on YouTube of me right after my service accident. WARNING: If you get queasy real easy don't watch it! But it's pretty sweet :)

Love you! ~ Elder Howard

Here is a video at the location where the accident happened.