Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Enthusiasm From Ethan

Ethan asked if I would share an update on the Dobson family that he wrote in an email to me.  I decided to include a bit more as well because I love his enthusiasm!  And I can't wait to visit with him on Christmas!
A happy missionary mom,
". . . Missionary work is fun and super gratifying, right?? I do love it. I can't even explain how much I do. I just love meeting new people and getting to know a lot of people! . . .
". . .The Dobsons are doing great! All of them were at church yesterday, we sat with them. The first time we went over there we couldn't see the floor it was so dirty but apparently when Lucas Dobson met with the bishop he told him "A Clean House invites the spirit" so as a family the cleaned the whole thing and WOW what a difference it made! They all get along better and are just happier with their living situation. Hopefully Lucas can work towards quitting smoking and then they can work towards going to the temple :) It's been Lisa Dobson's goal for a long time and now Lucas is working towards it too! I am SO, SO, SO Happy for them! 
(OH, if you haven't already sent my big email can you put this in there?)
"We will be in Twin Falls a lot this week. We are leaving tomorrow at 4 and getting back Wednesday at 9pm. Then, we leave Friday at 9am, have a mission Christmas party and will get back Saturday at noon. 20 hours of driving the next 5 days. Now I am grateful to have experienced those long drives to Utah and back. 
"Can't wait to video Google party it up on Christmas! :) It'll be so fun to talk to you guys. Well, we are off to practice a song we are performing in River Ward next week!
"I am so sad Elder Te’o is leaving. Hopefully my new companion is half as fun as he is. . .  .
"Love your son,
Elder Ethan Howard"

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