Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Great Week!

From June 16:

Well, I must give a shout out to Elder Rosales who is a great companion!  We really teach and work well together. This has already been the best transfer on my mission so far.

Sara's Baptism went very well.  We are hoping to set two more baptismal dates this week with Sara's sister, Samantha Potter and Thomas Wildman whom we met yesterday at church with his wife who is a member of the church. He grew up in the Salvation Army and is an Ex. Special Ops for the Marines. Thomas is seriously looking into the gospel now. He has a lot of knowledge and loved church yesterday!

Yesterday we had an awesome experience with Greg Bocox whom we know pretty well.  We just sat down and talk about God, Jesus Christ, The Gospel, The Plan of Salvation and life for about two hours!  We are supposed to keep our lessons down to an hour or less, but we were having more of a conversation than a lesson. I think back to how Christ taught.  He took as much time as was needed to best help the person. It is all about LOVE!   John 13:34-35 and Matthew 22:36-39 read them!!

-Elder Ethan Howard

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