Monday, May 4, 2015

The Three Missiateers!

From Ethan: Mon, May 4, 2015 12:08 pm

Since Tuesday I've been in a trio, or tripanionship! So in other words I am with two other missionaries. We jointly cover both of our areas for the next week and a half until the real transfer date. Covering four wards at one time is a little tough, but we never find ourselves with nothing to do that's for sure. Also with limited miles for our car and Kimberly (my area) about seven miles from where we live in Twin Falls we are having to really plan out our travels and walk places that are fairly close. So right now I am living in Twin Falls, only a little over a mile from our Mission Presidents house and the mission office as well as the Twin Falls temple! Also we live right across from an Episcopal church which has a cool bell tower with a cross on top. It makes a great sight for sunsets that's for sure. 

The two Elders I am with are Elder Roth and Elder Johnson. Elder Roth was in the MTC with me!  We have been out the same amount of time. It's been cool discussing the last year and a half of our mission. He is from Atlanta, Georgia but doesn't have any form of accent from there. Elder Johnson is from Lehi, Utah. He has been out three months less than Elder Roth and I. Elder Johnson was trained in Challis at the same time I trained my former companion Elder Mace in Salmon! We were in the same district up there, Challis being about 50 miles south of Salmon, but that was over a year ago! It is really nice to serve with two missionaries who are considered "seasoned Elders." We are all able to teach lessons and contact people proficiently and it's fun talking about old times on the mission.

Rewind to last week Monday, Elder Cardon's last day. Monday evening we were going around our neighborhood in Kimberly saying goodbye to Russ and Maggie, and a couple of other people Elder Cardon had grown to love. On the way in between houses we had two great experiences that came out of no where! I'll just talk about one. We were walking past a house where two guys, Richard and Garrett, were unloading logs from their truck. They actually called us over!  Right when we got up there they started asking us about the Last Days and the second coming of Christ. Richard was very educated in the Bible and also World News and he started going off on all the crazy stuff that is happening in the world. The conversation turned to faith and Elder Cardon took the chance to speak up. He asked Richard if he had ever thought about modern day prophecy or read the Book of Mormon. Now this was a shocker to me because Elder Cardon has never spoken up... EVER.. in a conversation until now! I was in awe as I witnessed Elder Cardon teach this man Richard through the Spirit all about the Restoration, the Book of Mormon, how we can have faith that we will be alright during the Second coming of Christ and have a sure foundation on our Savior. It was awesome!! Richard accepted a Book of Mormon from us to read. He doesn't live in our area cause he was just helping Garrett move these logs but we hope the Elders on the other side of Twin can teach him more. It was amazing to see Elder Cardon grow and be ready for that opportunity. It helped me increase in my faith that "with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26). I know that He was with Elder Cardon that night. After that experience another similar one happened! I love it!

All these experiences will be life long and I am so grateful for everything that happens on my mission. It truly is the best two years of my life but also for my life.

Elder Howard

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