Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Call and Transfers!

Sent: Mon, May 11, 2015 12:32 pm
Transfer calls came in this morning! I am staying in Kimberly, becoming District Leader again and getting a new companion! My new companion is Elder Schmidt from AUSTRIA! He was in my district over in Burley a couple months ago so I already know him! He has a really cool German accent and has been out over a year so we should work well together! He is a little soft spoken and quiet but that's probably a good thing because I'm usually talking like a mad rabbit all the time. It'll be great to have him here in Kimberly!

Happy Mother's Day all you wonderful Mother's! :) You really do make the world go round. I am so blessed to have a mother that is kind, loving, forgiving, righteous and humble. She did well with me growing up and I can say I wasn't the easiest child to raise, but she made it work! Yesterday I was able to Google Chat most of my family. I saw my mom and dad, both grandma's, one uncle and all my siblings and nieces and nephews. My, my, oh my, my have they grown like crazy! My oldest nephew was talking to me, showing me his Cheerios and saying "I love you Ethan," that was pretty heartwarming, if I may say so. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family who sets a great example for me at all times. I am so blessed that all of my family are keeping the covenants they have made and are all sealed in the temple. I am so blessed to have the knowledge that we will be a family together forever :) Those are the greatest blessings of life! Now it's my turn to follow in their footsteps and make the right decisions in life. 

Good things have been happening in Kimberly! The ward is super supportive.  I am starting to really love the people here. Last week we were able to meet Nick Orozco who has been interested in the church for a while but has been moving and switching between living places and missionaries.  About a year ago while Nick was going through a divorce, his neighbor in Kimberly, Bro Ward, introduced him to the Book of Mormon. He started reading it to gain comfort and solace through the divorce process. Well he found it alright! In the past six months he has read through the Book of Alma and loves it! His family is very strong Catholic, so he is having a hard time with his parent’s acceptance of coming to our church. We are trying to soften the hearts of his parents to let him have his freedom so he can experience the sacrament and all the blessings of attending church. He already has a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel. When he makes church a priority in his life, he will be ready to come unto Christ through baptism :)  The testimony is there. The next step is making a commitment. We hope we can help him!

I have been seeing some sweet cars in Kimberly and Twin falls, a 1965 Mercury Comet and a 2015 Maserati Ghibli ! That's a $71,000 car right there... Also I got to hang out with a little bull calf and feed him! It's was sweet! Good old Idaho for ya :) 

~ Elder Ethan Howard

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