Tuesday, May 19, 2015


No blog from Ethan this week, but here is a short message included in his email to me (his Mom):

Sorry, an Elder just told me about his haircut appointment, so I won't be able to write a weekly email, but I gave a talk in one the wards here about service. It was awesome to connect the dots between our baptismal covenant expressed in Mosiah 18:10-12 and our willingness to serve, aka comfort those that mourn and stand in need of comfort, etc.  As we become better disciples of Jesus Christ our DESIRE to serve will increase! Missionary work is the greatest service because we are helping others in all the ways of service as well as bring them closer to Christ. Then they can serve in the Church and serve others even better! It was interesting to see the change in me being on a mission, now I have a way better desire to serve. :) 

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