Monday, February 24, 2014

"If you want greener pastures, expect a little rain."

      Well the title of this entry explains this week. It was DOWN IN THE DUMPS. We had almost all of our appointments with people cancel because of various reasons, nobody was home to contact, and most of those we talked to on the street were not interested in our message about Jesus Christ. 
     There was one miracle this week. A couple of minutes before lunch on Friday, we were walking home from a visit. We were really down hearted because we had nothing happen the whole week.  I felt impressed to knock on one last door.  We knocked...nothing, knocked again.... nothing..... knocked one last time......nothing. We were walking off the front porch when a car backed out of the driveway and stopped. A lady rolled down her window and asked, "What are you guys doing?" With smiles on our faces, we shared with her who we were and what we do as missionaries. She looked confused and when we asked her is she had ever talked to missionaries like us she said, "Nope and I normally never do but you guys seem different. How about you come back tonight around 6?" "Heck yeah we will!"  Finally someone cared!  We had an amazing discussion with Julie and Darrel Swofford. They really loved having us over. We talked about how much God loves us and how important Jesus Christ is in our lives. We are going to start going over to the Swofford's every Friday evening. 
    So the lesson I learned this week falls in with a verse from a song written about Salmon, ID titled "God's Front Porch."  The last verse says
" Sometimes there are storm clouds, that roll upon the plains,
If you want greener pastures, expect a little rain.

He'll wash away your sorrows, with the morning dew,

Like a gobbler song in the spring time morning, He'll come through for you.

And when the evening sun sets I'll bow my head in prayer,

And thank the Lord for His front porch, and all the memories we have shared."
     I learned that I am out here for a reason. I know that God has a plan for me out here to help people no matter what. Though this week has been tough, I need to endure and keep moving forward. I love that phrase from Meet the Robinson's "Keep Moving Forward!" All of us have hard times in our life. I know we can get through them if we rely on Christ and His power to help us. I am so glad I have this knowledge. I want to share it with everyone!  That is why I will Keep Moving Forward till the end :)
Love, Elder Ethan Howard

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  1. you are a perfect example of a great missionary..keep on keeping on..