Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello from Mountain Home, Idaho!

From a snail mail letter written Feb. 6, 2014
     I gotta tell you it is not what I was expecting, but I already like it a lot!  So . . . no mountains, no trees, no river or pond, I heard that the Snake River is kind of close, but there's nothing, just little shrubbery. Also, no more van to drive. We got bikes! I don't think I've ever been so cold riding a bike for 30 min. in 10 degree weather with heavy wind, but at least I'm not suffering -23 degrees like you guys at home in MN! Crazy!
     I've already met some amazing people who I know God has guided them here for a reason.
     One guy, Phil, was here visiting his family from Las Vegas when he got a DUI.  Growing up here, he knew about the church Addiction Recovery Program, so he went for help.  Then BAM, he started taking the missionary lessons.  He reads the Book of Mormon, knows it is true, and is on the cusp of being baptized.
     Just one more . . . look up Dean Khazaal on Google or YouTube and watch the NBC video about him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xqcL7pToZQ Do it! . . . So, yep we are teaching him.  We got an Arabic Book of Mormon for the Uncle Hasan, who legally changed his name to William.  William is awesome.  He told us the Book of Mormon is like a punch to the face from God telling us truth and proving He still loves His children.  When his citizenship papers arrive, he will set a date to be baptized!
     Some great things are happening out here. I'm living the dream out here. :)
    Take care and take luck,
Elder Ethan Howard

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