Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Trio Again

From Ethan: Monday, August 17, 2015 

Another mid-transfer change up happened! One of the missionaries in the area next to ours, Wendell, went home so Elder Schuck, Elder Calderon from Wendell and I are in a trio! Yeah for another Trio! We will cover both the towns of Wendell and Hagerman for the next four weeks. Elder Calderon is a Spanish speaking missionary originally from Chile but moved to Utah a couple years ago. He is our District Leader too! So we are bouncing between the two areas and using both houses, Wendell is about 15 miles from Hagerman. It's pretty crazy sometimes but we've got a good schedule to include both areas.

Cameron Lockler pushed the baptism back to this weekend the 22nd, because her parents had to close their restaurant last week and it was a little hectic, but everything is settled down and she's good for Saturday at Noon! It''s nice to see Cameron's parents really supporting her in her decision to be baptized. We have everything set up and it's on like Donkey Kong.  Xandre still is avoiding us and isn't doing well. It'll take time for him to get back to a point where we can teach him.

In Wendell there is a lot going on! there are two wards over there and some great investigators on each ward. Also this weekend on the 22nd an 11 year old girl named Marilyn Medina will be baptized! We have already had a couple lessons with her and will have two more before Saturday. We've been meeting everyone in Wendell and Elder Calderon has been meeting everyone here in Hagerman so we've had some great lessons and such this past week.

We have a bunch of exciting things happening this week so it'll go by quick! Tomorrow we are going to the Temple together as a District, that'll be the last time I go here in Idaho. Then on Wednesday we have a Zone Conference all day and then the two baptisms on Saturday!! It'll be a joyous week for us!

Here's a picture of last weeks fishing! and also some good ol' Hagermelon's

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