Thursday, August 13, 2015

Opposition in All Things

From Ethan: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We've had some ups and downs this week. Xandre Orth has taken a few steps back. Satan is attacking him very hard in his personal life and it's tearing him down. A couple experiences at church and with his family have turned sour and they were all misunderstandings. I feel super bad for him. We are trying to help but he isn't responding to our texts or calls anymore. He was really progressing. His Aunt says that he is just going through a rough patch but still says things that shows he is working things out in his mind and heart. I firmly believe that the Adversary is working on Xandre because he doesn't want Xandre to have this blessing in his life. One week Xandre was really happy and doing well. Now this week he isn't. Like it says in 2 Nephi 2:11, "there is an opposition in all things." We are just hoping and praying that Xandre can win this internal battle and see the strength that comes from believing in Christ.

 But on the other hand, Cameron is getting baptized this Saturday the 15th! We were thinking the 22nd but that's one of the days of the County Fair. NO ONE MESSES WITH THE FAIR OUT HERE! It's a huge deal, so this Saturday in between morning and evening Volleyball tryouts for Cameron she's going to be baptized! It'll be awesome. It's been really cool to see the Spirit work in her life and her testimony grow since she's been taking the lessons and going to church.

Other than that we are still working with the Bieroths, William Percival and Vanessa Stone and her boy Chandler. Her other daughter, Cheyenne, moved back with her father in Washington this past week. We found out that Vanessa and Chandler will be moving up there in September. We'll be sad to see them leave. 

Today we are going out to Billingsley Creek Ranch, owned by the past bishop here in Hagerman. We will fish in the lake, play volleyball on the beach and just fool around with the rest of our missionary district! Should be great and I'll try and get some pictures!

~ Elder Ethan Howard

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