Monday, November 25, 2013

Smacked in the FACE!

2 Big things happened this week!
   The first awesome and amazing thing happened with Holli Thibodeau, 42 years old and has spent the last year in women's shelters. About two months ago she moved to Salmon staying at the Mahoney House, a women's shelter. She was invited to church and came! She bore her testimony in front of the congregation telling of her story in life and how God has helped her through mental health issues. She felt the Holy Ghost bear witness to her that she was in the right place. This week she told us, "The Devil has been working hard on me!"  So we gave her a Priesthood blessing that calmed her mind and was the first time it's been that clear in the longest time. We explained to her the Restoration of the Priesthood, the authority and power of God on this earth to benefit his children. We had an awesome lesson. She accepted the invitation to be baptized in the name of Christ on Dec. 21st!
    The second big thing happened Saturday during a service project.  We met a bunch of men from the church at an old widow’s place who needed wood split for the winter.  I was splitting wood like a knife slices peppers, flying through log after log. The split pieces were all piled up next to my chop block. One of the split pieces found its way under my chop block.  Next thing I know it catapulted up to my face which ensued a laceration on my forehead 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch deep. As soon as I got hit, I bent over and blood came pouring out of my face! I feel pretty skilled because none of the blood got on my white shirt or dress pants :) We rushed to the ER for stitches. I have an awesome battle wound which I am sure will turn into a sweet scar. In a few years I am sure the story will start "On my mission in northern Idaho we were tracting up in the mountains, lo and behold we came across a bear...." Ha, ha, ha, it'll get better over the years.  I am totally fine, just have a constant headache. 
    I am so excited about this upcoming month!  I am going to get FAT this week!  We are having three thanksgiving dinners this week -Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We have 2 baptismal dates! One for Samantha Ladd on Dec. 7th. She is golden :) and Holli Thibodeau on Dec. 21st. The Hastening of the Lord’s Work to bring his children the gospel is continuing on an uphill route in Salmon, Idaho :) Have a great week everyone and thank you for all you do.

   Love, Elder Ethan Howard, (

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