Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lots of Ears and Lessons

From Ethan: Monday, July 20, 2015

‘Twas an awesome week in Hagerman, ID.  I couldn’t ask for a better 7 days!  We had great opportunities to help people, give service and teach the gospel including a new investigator, Xander.

For physical work this week, we weeded a rose bed, took out some young trees, moved water lines, landscaped a rock bed and helped harvest corn. The first of the sweet corn is ready for harvest right now and we picked 4400 ears!  I appreciate food in grocery stores a lot more now. But they say don’t talk about others in a corn field. . . it has ears.  Also, don’t do anything illegal in a potato field. . . it has eyes. Ha, ha, ha! Anyway, helping people in service is always a pleasure. =)

Seven of the people we are teaching came to church this past Sunday, Vanessa and her 2 kids Cheyenne (15) and Chandler (9), Cameron Lockler (17), William Percival, Morgan Ramirez (15), and Xander Orth (16). Here is a little about what is happening with these people.

Vanessa’s daughter Cheyenne is only here for 5 weeks because she lives with her father in Washington, but we were able to meet with them 3 times this week.  We taught about repentance and giving up our “weapons” of rebellion like the people of Ammon in the Book of Mormon. Cameron (17) has come to church a few times with her boyfriend member of the ward (congregation.)  She is pretty open to the gospel.  We talked a lot about baptism this week, but we tread carefully because we want her to know for herself, choose baptism for herself and not for her boyfriend or anyone else.  We are stressing the importance of reading the Book of Mormon to find out for herself if this gospel is true.  William’s dad is hindering us from teaching in their home, but he still comes to church every week which hopefully will help his testimony. Morgan’s family was baptized in February but she was not because she got offended at church which shook her testimony.  She is super independent, so she wants to find out if this church is true for herself, not just follow her parents.  Xander, Morgan’s cousin, has noticed a change in her family since joining the church. He has had a rough life and a contentious home so he desires good in his life.  He has found peace in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Both Elder Schuck and I were very excited about all the good that happened this week.  We have been trying really hard to include these people and others in our prayers.  Prayer is powerful in helping people come closer to the Lord and feel the Spirit.  The Lord answers prayers. I have no doubt about that!  It is because of answers to prayers that I decided to serve this mission. I know this is where the Lord wants me! =)

May God bless you all and I invite you to keep Him close.

~Elder Howard

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