Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Southern Hills of Idaho

From Ethan: Mon, Mar 9, 2015 11:38 am

After the first week in a new area it always gets better. Right when I came here we knew nobody… I really mean nobody!! So this last week all that we did was meet people in the ward and people that the previous missionaries had taught. It went very well but it was pretty stressful trying to remember everybody's name. I can remember back to places like Mountain Home and Burley with lots of people to meet. It took me a couple months to really love the people and the area, but Kimberly is different! Maybe it's because I've done this more than a couple times!  I really am starting to love this Kimberly area! We have met some really fantastic people. Probably my favorite is an older woman, Jean Johnson, who was baptized in December. 

Jean and I made an immediate connection because she was born in Milaca, Minnesota which is just one hour from my house! She moved to California when she was a little girl but she still knows what it's like back in the greatest state of all :] She is an amazing lady! Last September she was invited to church by her neighbor. The first Sunday there she felt the spirit! She has only missed one day of church since then! She was baptized in December and has already been to the temple to d o baptisms for 22 of her ancestors! Now that's what I call converted to the gospel. We still have a lesson with her every week, pretty much review. We don't teach Jean, she teaches us :]

We also had a fun trip this weekend up to a youth camp out in the Southern foothills of Idaho! We were able to tell of the First Vision in the woods to all the youth and the Spirit was super strong. Being out in the wilderness, close to God and all of His wonderful creations, telling of a miracle that happened just 200 years ago was quite the experience. We also shared with the m how we can share the gospel with people by letting them feel of the Love of God. We can share the gospel by simply smiling at someone and letting them have a better day. It was an awesome experience and YAY! There was like 4 feet of snow! 

Well Kimberly is awesome and I am learning a lot from the people I am meeting as well as Elder Cardon my companion, I am sad we only have like 3 weeks left. Thank you for all your support and I'd love to hear from you!

- Love, Elder Ethan Howard

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