Monday, March 9, 2015

Emergency Transfer to Kimberly!

From Ethan: Mon, Mar 2, 2015 11:29 am

Crazzzzy week!! Some stuff happened in the mission so a bunch of changes were made.  Elder Te'o and I were chosen to split up and move to new areas. I am so sad I had to leave Burley but now I am in Kimberly, ID! This town closely borders the south of Twin Falls. There are about 3,000 people in Kimberly with 6 wards!! That’s a super high density of LDS people living here. We cover two wards and have a car half of the time, just like in Mountain Home. My new companion is Elder Cardon from Idaho Falls, ID! Crazy, right? Well, he is a trial missionary and will serve for two transfers to see if he is ready to serve a full-time two year mission. Elder Cardon has been on his mission for 8 weeks so he has 4 more until he goes home to decide whether he wants to serve full time or not. It's a little bit of a struggle because he is very particular about things and has a very short memory. He has only been in Kimberly for a week so we are pretty much white washing the area (starting from scratch.) It's really hard and a bit of a challenge but I am up to anything! 

Back in Burley I have some news. We were super excited this last Tuesday to get a text from Taggert Patterson (the 13 year old Chinese boy) on his dad's phone.  The text read "this is Taggert. I am ready to be baptized." YAH!! Taggert is so awesome. He has been praying and praying for the desire to be baptized and he got it!! He will be baptized this Saturday Mar. 7th but sadly I won't be there for it. The missionaries there are suppose to send me pictures and a program though! Even though I won't be there I am super happy for Taggert because his wish has been granted. He finally has a place in his heart for Jesus Christ :)

Well, we are working and working to find some people to teach here in Kimberly. We don't have anyone yet but the Lord will provide somebody, I'm sure of it :) I have met some great members here who are all really cool so with their help this area will be kickin' in no time! It's been a crazy week and I'm sure it'll get even crazier but you know change is good. I love Burley and I am sad to go but I am hopeful that Kimberly will grow in my heart just as much.

Thanks for all your support and love you all! 

-Elder Howard 

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