Monday, January 19, 2015

He is Proud of you

From Ethan: Mon, Jan 19, 2015 12:37 pm

Hello friends and family!  It has been another great week in Burley Idaho :) Because it is Martin Luther King Jr. day, the library is closed.  We are at the Family History Center here in Burley with limited time. So here is one lesson that sticks out from last week which I would like to share with you.

The same family that had us over to Skype this Christmas (The Morgans) brought a good friend and her two sons to church with them yesterday. Theresa Zemke and her two sons, Zay and Xander, also had lunch with us after church. Theresa grew up in Utah.  A member of the church her whole life but as she grew up she faded away from activity. She is a massage therapist.  The Morgans were one of her first clients.  After a couple years they began to be just like family. Well, fast forward a couple years to yesterday and Theresa and her two sons are in church! When Zay walked out the church to their car all he could say was, "Wow I had such a good time and I feel so good!"  We were able to teach them about the Love of our Father in Heaven and how He blesses us as we follow Him and our Savior Jesus Christ. I got to bear my testimony to Theresa that God was proud of her for taking the steps leading back to Him. She and her sons have a great desire to follow the Lord and I know that when anybody comes to that point in their life that our Father in Heaven is SO proud of them and has a smile because of their choices and actions :)

We are having great success with the people we love such as the Millspaughs, Hiesingers and Wattersons. They were all at church yesterday and are feeling the spirit in our lessons and while reading the scriptures. It's that love of God workin'!

-Elder Howard

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