Monday, March 10, 2014

Teaching, teaching, teaching!

 Wow Elder Hefner and I have been busy busy this week with teaching! We had 17 lessons this week, more than double last week! We were blessed to be in many peoples homes sharing a message about Jesus Christ and the restored gospel. 
    We also had a super fun evening last Monday with William Khazaal, Dean Khazaal and Brother Dan Wright (The guy we live with) at the Sand dunes! We went fishing for about an hour and nothing was working so we went to the dunes! I have never seen so much sand in my life! There was a MOUNTAIN of sand!! It was crazy.  The dune was probably at an upward slope of 35 degrees and it was about 150 feet tall! Elder Hefner tried racing me up to the top and we both almost died half way up.  It was tough because our feet kept slipping under the sand and it was steep and tall. Whew. Talk about exercise! It was too dark for pictures so we are going back another time earlier in the day.
    We had an awesome lesson about prayer with Phil Trupiano.  I recently learned that prayer is "the act in which the will of the Father and the will of the child come into agreement." (Bible Dictionary) That pretty much means through prayer we are able to find out what our Heavenly Father wants from us. And if we are humble we will do as he asks. Phil is going to pray about a baptismal date.
    Jenny Lindsay got baptized this weekend on the 8th! She is awesome and here is a picture of her and the family who introduced her to the gospel :) the Cox family!

I am loving it out here!
Elder Ethan Howard

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