Sunday, March 23, 2014

Feeling the Spirit is the Best

This is a picture of the Mountain Home District of missionaries.
    Transfers are tomorrow and we got the call on Friday night. I am staying in Mountain Home with Elder Hefner! He will be the first companion I will spend more than one transfer with. We get along very well, love to teach and are willing to do anything to help the work progress! 
   The cool thing about our district is that all of the elders and sisters in Mountain Home are staying put where they are. We are so united as a district and still have work to do here in Mountain Home. 
     Elder Hefner and I are teaching more than when I first got here. This month we have gotten 10 new investigators almost all from street contacting and a couple from houses we have felt prompted to knock. The two I will tell you about are my favorite!
   I think I have mention the Swoffords, Darrell and Julie. We felt prompted to go knock on this young couple's door. Julie was backing out of her driveway, rolled down the window asking, "What are you boys doing?" We quickly shared who we were and what we do. We have had about 4 lessons with them. Last night we taught the Plan of Salvation. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation because it makes so much sense Both Darrell and Julie were touched by how the Plan of Salvation shows God's love for us and how much he helps us throughout eternity. Julie is super sincere and doesn't know much about Christianity even though she grew up in a Catholic home. Darrel is a joker who knows a lot about religion and is open to have us teach. Julie told us, "I never let people into my home, much less strangers but you two just seem special" We love them and hope to invite them to church soon! One of their good friends, a member, Sister Kollat's was there. She talked about our Saviors love for us, how families can be together forever and how central families are to the purpose of life. 
    The other family is the the Grewell's. Jerry and Cathy have 4 children - Chris 21, Devin 20, Charles 18 and Michelle 16. They always have friends over at their house, are working on 4 wheelers or a truck or tanning some animal fur.  Haha. They are fun! Cathy's father is a minister in Missouri but she is surprisingly the most open one of all! She prayed last Friday after the lesson on the Restoration, "Please let us accept the message these boys have brought into our home." That caught me off guard!
     There are more people we are teaching about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ of which I will tell about at a later time!
     The past couple weeks have been a time of huge personal growth. Repentance is real. The blessings that come after repenting are beyond anything I could ever imagine. The feeling of the presence of God in your life and realizing how much His hand is in our lives is humbling. We are all on a path back to our Heavenly Father. There are many road blocks in our way. We must face those road blocks with square shoulders and blast through them with the strength of our Heavenly Father at our back. It CAN be done! In the past couple of days I have felt the spirit in my heart more often than any time in the past. When the center of our focus is love for our fellow man and love for our Savior Jesus Christ, the happiness that we feel can barely even be expressed. Let us all put the past behind us and "Keep Moving Forward"!
Thank you all for your love and support. I can't expressed the gratitude I feel everyday for all my friends and family. I love you guys!

   Love, Elder Ethan Howard (

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