Thursday, June 25, 2015

First Impressions

From Ethan: Monday, June 15, 2015

T’was a fairly interesting week in Hagerman,ID.

On Monday for Preparation day (P-day) we went down the canyon in Jerome to the Snake River and climbed to a cool waterfall.  During the adventure, our phone fell into the creek.  After drying it out the screen stopped working, so Wednesday we took a trip to Twin Falls with the 2nd Counselor of Mission Presidency to get it fixed meanwhile he and his wife took us to the mall, out to eat, and exploring Twin Falls.  It was cool!

On Thursday I had an interesting experience with first impressions.  A young man about 24 years old has been coming to church on his own for a couple weeks, so we visited him at his home where he lives with his parents.  His father answered the door saying, “Boys, I recognize the suits. What can I do for you?”  We asked for William and he invited us in.  We sat at the kitchen table with William while his father sat in the living room watching T.V.  I have learned that the more you are interested in someone the more they will be interested in what you have to say, so I like to ask questions to spark conversation about someone.  This back fired terribly.  When I asked William questions about his hobbies, family, beliefs, how long he lived here, and so forth it only took a couple minutes until his dad stood up and sternly asked, “Kid, do you work for the police dept. or something?”  Shocked I stammered out a quiet, “No, sir.”  Then he said, “It is boys like you that rub me the wrong way.  Now you better stop interrogating my son or I’m going to ask you to leave!”  Speechless, I stared at him, holding my prideful tongue and eventually squawked out, I’m sorry, sir.”  Luckily my companion saved me by starting to talk about the gospel and the Book of Mormon.  William’s dad stayed for the lesson. William committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  After the lesson I noticed 5 guitars in the living room.  I asked who played and William’s dad said he did.  Courageously I asked if he would play something for us.  Then he let me play with him and we ended up on a good note with him inviting us to come back!

After getting reprimanded, I said a silent praying asking God to soften the dad’s heart.  God does answer prayers.  Experiences like that are priceless.  Luckily I held my tongue, letting God solve the issue.

Today we are going to Mountain Home for P-day to visit friends I have made there.  We might even get to play volleyball or go to the sand dunes!  I am super excited!.

Until next week, stay classy. =]

Elder Ethan Howard

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