Monday, November 3, 2014

Miracles and Success!

Sent From Ethan: Mon, Nov 3, 2014 1:19 pm

Wow we are having an incredible time here in Burley Unity wards and the Young Single Adult ward! It's amazing how much success we have seen in the last two weeks. Lemme tell you about it!

First, at the beginning of this week we had a lesson with a young man named Seth Gram, 20 years old who has had a really rough past couple of years. His family does not support him, so he has struggled to find a place to live and work.  About three weeks ago we had a lesson with him that was all over the place with no focus. We left the lesson with feelings of stress and doubt that we all learned anything from it, but apparently it helped Seth out a bunch! His initiative kicked in. He got a job and a place to live. Seth met with us again this week! We discussed how through prayer we can receive answers from our Heavenly Father. We asked him "Have you ever prayed to know this gospel is true?" He answered with a firm "well, yeah!"  The discussion turned to us asking him all the baptismal questions. He is getting baptized on November 15th! WOAH! It's crazy how just a simple meeting can turn into a life changing experience.  Seth is an interesting dude with a lot of enthusiasm to make the world a better place. Having the Holy Spirit with him at all times will turn that enthusiasm into works!

Second, the first couple of weeks I was here we randomly met a couple of sophomore aged girls on the street while walking to an appointment.  Turns out one of them, Salena Martinez, has been going to church with her brother, Tito, who was baptized just last year. At the first appointment she asked if we were there just to baptize her into the church.  Not at all! We as missionaries are here to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. We pretty much help them increase their faith in order to follow Jesus Christ, their Savior. We have taught her pretty much all the lessons. She is reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible now. She has come to church a couple times. Just last night she told us that she believes the gospel is true and wants to be baptized! It's amazing how much she has changed is becoming a better person every day with the knowledge of the restored gospel.  She is reading, pondering and praying. She always sarcastically says "It was such a coincidence meeting you two on the street that one day." Let me tell you, God works in mysterious ways!

Last week for P-day we went to a straw maze.  I found a cool little buddy there! See the picture and the really cool pumpkin carved by one of the families. Today for P-day we are going bowling!! Over in Rupert (a neighboring city) there is a bowling alley that is owned by a member of the church. They let missionaries bowl for free! My former Companion Elder Rosales will be there!! I miss that fool a bunch! We will also play basketball and probably board games with our district. The weeks keep getting busier.  We are look forward to Seth's baptism on Nov. 15th, Salena's on Nov. 22nd and Easton and Slayter Wattersons’ on Dec. 6th! It's been quite amazing! It is not about the numbers of baptisms, but the number of lives changed for the better.

-Elder Howard

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