Monday, September 8, 2014

Everyone and Anyone Can Come Unto Christ

From Ethan: Mon, Sep 8, 2014 2:33 pm
  Wow it seems like I was just doing this, but that was a whole week ago! The old proverb is still in effect, "Time flies when you're having fun"! Well being in Salmon last week was incredibly fun! I'm blessed to know such wonderful people there in Salmon Idaho who are doing great! :) I can't wait to spend at least a week with everyone up in Salmon when I return home from off my mission. Things I have to look forward to are a river rafting trip with Jeremy Varley, salmon fishing and wolf and elk hunting with Dave Silcock (Mr. Hot-Garbage), building an Iron Man suit with Ed Davis and all the other shenanigans I can pull with the Bingham family! 

Most of the business we had this week was service. We helped Dia split and move wood, we took care of a guys dog for a couple hours while he was fixing a water pump, we baked cookies for people and laid sod for a family. Like I've said in other letters, service is one of those things that softens hearts and makes the world a better place! That's why us missionaries love, love, love to do it! One day was a Zone Meeting that we had in Arco which is two and a half hours away.  Meetings with other missionaries weekly and monthly can rack up a lot of time and miles. We are in the Carey Zone in which missionaries are in Shoshone, Dietrich, Carey, Sun Valley, Arco, Mackay, Stanley, Challis and Salmon. It's the biggest zone in the mission area wise, but has the fewest missionaries.

I got an awesome email from Jennifer Sizemore in Mountain Home about her baptism! She told me it was amazing!  She wrote, "That poor lost and alone woman you met six months ago is gone. I have a family now." Seeing changes in people that accept the restored gospel has helped me understand that everyone and anyone can come unto Christ and be lifted from their burdens. Recently I have reflected on the changes in others and me when we dive into living a Christ centered life.

Sarah McInroy wants to be baptized here in Stanley at Red Fish Lake! Her parents are coming to pick her up on Sept. 20th so we will see what happens!

I hope we stay busy this week just like the last! I love hearing about everything happening back home and miss you guys! Keep me updated! I am amazed at all my friends getting married or going on missions or having more kids, it's amazing what happens in just one year. Like they say in Meet the Robinson's, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

-Elder Ethan Howard (

Just some pictures that are cool :) 
-We found a little Cigar Indian just like in "Seinfeld!" 
-The Sockeye Salmon looks like the Walleye up north in MN. 
-I found that tuba in Dia's plane hanger! I had to play it :)   

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