Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rain, rain GO AWAY!

From Ethan August 18, 2014

We've been having crazy amounts of rain and thunderstorms this week. Monday through Thursday I bet it rained 60% of the time. Many stayed in their cabins or stayed home because of the weather so there were very few people out and about that we could talk to, however we had little miracles happen every day :)  Every time it seems nothing is going to happen, Elder Prosch and I have a motto from Galaxy Quest, "Never Give Up, Never Surrender!"

Brenda has been smoke free for 17 days! Here in the Twin Falls Idaho Mission the period of time in which people need to follow the Word of Wisdom before baptism is two weeks. So, now we can move forward in setting baptismal date with her! And though both Brenda and Sarah were sick, they both were at church yesterday!

We did some service for a well known lady in the community, Dia Danner, who has lived in Stanley most of her married life. She is on the Meditation Chapel Board, in the Mountain Mama's club and as a pilot gives tours of the Sawtooth Mountains from the air! Dia has been learning about the church and attends in the winter time quite regularly but is very non-denominational. We spent about three hour with her digging weeds in her yard and around her hanger, as well as digging out some trailers that have been buried in mud and dirt from all the rain. It was rigorous work which we got done in a jiffy :) We talked about the gospel a lot.  We also shared with her the scripture Abraham 3:24-25 which talks about why we are here on earth - to prove to God that we can follow all the things which He commands us to do.

Following the commandments will bring us the most happiness.  I've seen it in my life. I hope all people we converse with will have the inclination to better follow the commandments of God. That is my prayer and my hope!

~Elder Ethan Howard

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