Thursday, April 10, 2014

General Conference: Words of Modern Day Prophets

 Wow General Conference was amazing! Honestly we are so lucky to be able to hear from living, modern day apostles of Jesus Christ, just like Peter and Paul in the New Testament. We get to hear what the world is struggling with today and hopefully we all are making changes in ourselves to keep ourselves spiritually minded rather than carnally minded.
    One main point I got from General Conference is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, yet we always have things we can improve on. From Elder Holland I got that Sacrifice is worth it. Also that Christ's teachings are not suppose to be comfortable. They should stretch us to our limits. They are very straight forward and they should cut us to the heart to make us change! and that is why the gospel, and religion in whole is rejected a lot in our society today. No one wants to change but let me tell you it is worth it.      
   We had 6 people who are investigating the church watch General Conference! William Khazaal and his family (Mom & Dad, and Dean) I don't know if I told you but William's family just came a week or two ago from Iraq and barely speak English. It's cool to be in their home. Also, we had Teresa Parsons and a new investigator named Greg Bocox. Greg is 28 and married to a less-active woman named Katrina who comes to church every once in a while, We have met with their family once.  Then Katrina had their third child so we aren't meeting with them until next Sunday. He is in the Army and served in Iraq for a year. It really changed his view on family.
    And I had a super good birthday. The Elders and Sister here are amazing. They made me a Captain America Cake, made me my own superhero cape, got me a Captain America Frisbee, and a Captain America Shield. It was AWESOME! The dunes were super fun. I dressed up with my Captain America Hoodie, shield, and cape. The other people that were there took pictures with me and video taped me running up the dunes. Ha ha it was awesome! They commented, "We never thought we would find Captain America in Mountain Home Idaho!" :) It was an awesome birthday.
     I hope I am giving you enough information about the people we are teaching.  We are going to really focus on William Khazaal and Phil Trupiano this week. They both have testimonies, they just need to act! Conference helped me realize that and make a plan of action. They also both say the Book of Mormon is True!
    Thank you all for your support and prayers! I am grateful for each and every one of you! I love it out here!
Love, Elder Ethan Howard (    

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